[grisbi-user] Italian translation

Martin Stromberger mstromberger at aon.at
Tue Sep 13 23:44:36 CEST 2011

to ...Now I will ask Google how git works...
There is a description (only in french, but you can translate it with 
google) under http://www.grisbi.org/download.it.html#cvs

Getting the (latest) sources is possible without an sourcefore-account, 
but if you want to commit
your changes to git you need an sourceforge-account and you have to be 
member of the grisbi team wiht 'commit-rights'. Please contact Pierre 
Biava (he is one of the project-admins) for further details.
Alternative I can commit your changes if you send me your file

To ...Got to work on the latest version of grisbi or there is a way to 
merge the
translated string from one .po file to another?...

Yes, it is possible
If you have the latest sources you can copy your current po.file (with 
your latest changes) to the current sources (overwrite the existing file), 
and the 'merge' your changes to the sources with 'make update-po' in the 
po subdirectory.

To ...In this case I would better start from the old version or the new 
See above answer, you can start with the new one.

If you want I can merge your changes and commit it to git


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