[grisbi-user] Italian translation

Giovanni superciss at libero.it
Sun Sep 11 19:16:20 CEST 2011

Hi Martin, I'm working on Linux and Grisbi 0.6.0.

I've already poedit installed, I was able to fix a traslation error that 
produces a bug in transfer transaction.

That's how I did it:
I downloaded from sourceforge the file "it.po" (ver. 0.6.0) and fixed with 
poedit; when poedit asked me for saving, also compiled it to "it.mo"
Finally, I backup the original italian "grisbi.mo" and move "it.mo" to 
in order to test the fix. 

Now I will ask Google how git works

Two questions:
Got to work on the latest version of grisbi or there is a way to merge the 
translated string from one .po file to another?
In this case I would better start from the old version or the new one?

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