[grisbi-user] Italian translation

Martin Stromberger mstromberger at aon.at
Fri Sep 9 20:48:05 CEST 2011

I'm the 'German-translator' for grisbi, translation works this way:

1. Fetch sources from git
2. Translate your po-file
3. Test/Check translation
4. Commit your changes to git

For git is a client necessary, e.g http://git-scm.com
Fetching is without sourceforge-account possible, commiting is only with 
sourcefore-account possible

You can make the translation with a plain-text editor, but it is easier to 
make the translation with a tool like Lokalize 
(http://kde.org/applications/development/lokalize) or PoEdit 

For testing you can check the translated file or compile grisbi with your 
'new-updated' translation

Which operating system do you use?
It is easier to contribute if the operating system is Linux (tools are 
available in the software/packet manager, compilation from source is also 

Above is a general description, send me an email or post your questions 
here for further details


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