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Wn, he would have done so. "Certainly, I myself should have attached
little or no weight to this woman's story if she had come here with it.
I should have turned her out of the house, and have told her to go to a
court if she dare and claim the custody of her son. She must have known
the weakness of her own position, and as I say, having once opened the
matter to Edgar, she determined to stick to it, knowing that a boy taken
thus on a sudden would be likely to believe her, whereas if she said
that you were her son she would find you already prepared and probably
have to confront me too. So you see, Rupert, I can truthfully
advertise--'Woman's story not believed; we are in as much doubt as
before; both are regarded by us as our sons.'" "I am glad, father!"
Rupert exclaimed excitedly. "Oh! if Edgar had but written to you first,
instead of going straight away." "It would have been better," Captain
Clinton said, "but I cannot blame him. I think it was natural that he
should go as he did. He would have thought that had he written to me it
would have seemed as if he wanted something from me, and anything would
have seemed better to him than that. However, we must set about doing
something at once. I shall go by the nine o'clock local to Swindon, and
on by the night mail to town. Then I shall set a detective at work. He
may find out from the porters if anyone noticed a lad arrive by the
night mail this morning, and shall draw up carefully-worded
advertisements. I shall write to Mr. River-Smith before I start. What
would you like, Rupert--to go back to-morrow, or to stay away until the
end of the term? If you take my advice, you will go back; it would be a
pity for you to miss your examinations." "I don't think I could get
through the examinations, father, with this on my mind; besides, what
should I say to the fellows about Edgar's going away? You see, if we
find him before next term begins, we need say nothing about it." "You
would have to account for his having run away, Rupert, anyhow. I think
you had better go back, my boy, and tell the facts of the story. There
is not the slightest discredit in it, and it would be better for Edgar
himself that it should be known that he went under the influence of a
mistake than that all sorts of reasons should be assigned for his
absence. There will, of course, be no occ
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