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Aith he, "Ho! thou little Jack Pudding! an thou art not still o' th'
instant, I'll swear thou art a girl, an' thou shalt ne'er have a sword
such as men have." And as I live, the child stinted, and waxed as solemn
as an owl! Not another tear did he shed. My lord saith, "Now thou art a
good lad, therefore thou shalt have my sword to play with." And he
unbinds it from his side, scabbard and all, and holds it while the
urchin gets astride o't and pretends to ride. When my lord is tired o'
stooping, he lifts the child again to his shoulder, and so do they
conduct him back to his mother, the gardener's wife. From thence they
return to the castle, and are met by my lord and lady and all the
servants, while I haste me in by a side door to get on my Sunday kirtle
and appear with the rest. As time wore on, the three were as much
together as when he was a little lad and they lassies, and sometimes
from a window, and sometimes from a quiet coigne in the great hall (this
very hall, ye mind, dears), I would sit with my stitchery and mark them
at their bright chatter. But often Mistress Marian would come and sit
against my knee, even as thou art sitting now, sweetheart, and ask me to
stroke her hair, and when she would coax Lord Ernle's big blood-hound
"Valor" to come and lie beside her, she would sit more quiet, almost as
though she were asleep. And she would ask me ever and again, "Nurse,
wherefore are women at any time born with dark hair, to mar ev'n such
small comeliness as they might otherwise have?" And always I would
answer, "Tu
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