[grisbi-user] How adjust currency of total amount in report?

julien grisbi at mudry.org
Sat Aug 8 13:08:57 CEST 2009

Angela Gavazzi wrote:
> As I'm living in Switzerland I tryed to change the currency from € to CHF. 
> A part of the detail, that I could delete € it works everywhere but in the 
> total amounts of all reports.
> Am I missing something or is it a bug?

Don't worry, you can have CHF as the total for the reports. You should 
go to "Reports -> Edit the report", then on the "Data display" tab you 
can choose which currency to use on the report.

If you have the same problem with caetgories, payees, etc., you should 
go to "Edit -> Setup -> Display -> Currencies for totals".

(Note: I'm using the French version of Grisbi, so the menu entries I 
list are direct translation I made from French. They might not match 
exactly what is shown on you version, but I hope they'll help you in 
finding the correct entries.)



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