[grisbi-devel] Grisbi 0.9.93 and check for This account cannot be negative

Martin Stromberger ma.stromberger at gmx.at
Sun Nov 24 11:54:53 CET 2013

Hi Jean-Luc,

thanks for clarification ;)

Martin Stromberger

Jean-Luc Duflot wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> The fact is this point has been much discussed on the french mailing
> list. The main point of view is a cash account reflects the content of a
> purse, which keeps only coins and banknotes. So it cannot be negative,
> never. In your example, you modify an amount which makes the balance
> negative, but this transaction is not real. Before doing this, you might
> write a positive transaction so that the balance will stay positive or
> nul. It's exactly what can only happen in a purse.
> Jean-Luc
> Le 23/11/2013 13:45, Martin Stromberger a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I've downladed and compiled grisbi-0.9.93, works so far fine, except the
>> check for cash_accounts and "This account cannot be negative"
>> Example:
>> I've a cash_account withh e.g transaction A, B and C, the balance of the
>> this account is +100 EUR. When I try to modifiy the value of transcation
>> B following message is displayed: "This account cannot be negative".
>> I've played around a little, it looks like
>> in case of an update above message is displayed if the modified
>> transaction is not the last transaction in the list. The message is not
>> displayed in case of a new transaction or update of the last transaction
>> in the list.
>> Could it be that the check for a negative balance does not work 100% in
>> case of an upate?
>> greetings
>> Martin Stromberger

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