[grisbi-devel] [SPAM] Big News Continues

dewi at safety.ca dewi at safety.ca
Mon Jun 24 11:01:19 CEST 2013

Stay alert for Gigantic Rally buying. We have observed it previously as 
seller broker manipulation try to entice panic to sellers to sell of of 
their holdings at super cheap levels and yesterday was same thing... 
What they done was momentum of a Big buying opportunities for us smart 
and sophisticated investors. With real strategy and big headlines going 
to distribute the media, H_A_I R can swiftly pop hitting new levels 
Monday. We are obviously grabbing this ability to add and keep our 
shares long duration for Gigantic profits. We notified you to anticipate 
the Huge Trading and its advancing!!! The current share amount recently 
reached the lowest level, today its time to grab as plenty as you can! 
Massive news are advancing. Just see whats happening with the YouTube 
partnership. Youtube has being a important collaborator for audience 
obtainment for H_A_I R. Large updates near and now is the time to 
purchase, when the share price hits the low you must trade as many as 
you could!

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