[grisbi-devel] [SPAM] Time to make some money, Let`s trade and let the tail wag the dog

jdprice at storsalen.no jdprice at storsalen.no
Sun Jun 23 07:10:58 CEST 2013

Get alert for Big Trading run! We did see it before as short 
sellers manipulation try to entice panic to sellers to eliminate 
most of their holdings at super cheap levels and yesterday was 
same thing... What they did was build up a Gigantic buying 
opportunities for us solid and confident traders. With real 
strategy and key updates ready to hit the media, H_AI_R shall 
swiftly pop reaching highest levels Monday. We are definitely 
taking this opportunity to add and lock our stock long duration 
for Massive profits. We notified you to anticipate the Big 
Momentum and its advancing!!! The actual share price recently hit 
the lowest level, Monday its time to grab as plenty as you could. 
Huge headlines are approaching. Just look whats occurring with the 
YouTube promotions. Youtube has become a major ally for client 
acquisition for H_AI_R. Massive developments coming and Monday is 
the time to trade, meantime the stock price dips the low you 
better purchase as plenty as you may.

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