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 YBL. 1210. [10-10] H. 2. 17. [11-11] H. 2. 17. [12-12]
H. 2. 17. [13-13] H. 2. 17. [a] Lines 1212-1216 LU. and YBL. (Edition of
and O'Keeffe) are omitted in the translation. [1-1] LU. and
YBL. 1216-1220. [2-2] Stowe. [3-3]
H. 2. 17. [4-4] LU. and YBL. 1222. So

then they bound two spancels about the ankle-joints of Etarcumul's feet
and he was

dragged along behind his horses and chariot. At every rock that was
rough for him, his lungs and his liver were left on the
stones and the rugged places. At every place that was smooth for him,
his skilfully severed
limbs came together again round the horses. In this wise
he was dragged through the camp to the door of the tent of Ailill and
Medb: "There's your young warrior for
you," cried Fergus, "for 'Every restoration together with
its restitution' is what the law saith."[a] Medb came forth
to the door of her tent and she raised her [5]quick, splitting,[5] loud
voice [6]of a warrior.[6] Quoth Medb. "Truly, methought that great was
the heat and the wrath
of this young hound [7]on leavi
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