[grisbi-devel] Ked at each other, but we did not laugh. We were in a strange land,

Balthrop Sikel taupe at optikwelt.de
Sat Mar 27 11:08:14 CET 2010

Om tree to tree, and ever she eluded me, peeping back at
me with kindly eyes, making
soft sounds, and dancing and leaping and teetering before me just out
of reach. The
more she eluded me, the more I wanted
to catch her, and the lengthening shadows of the afternoon bore
witness to the futility
of my effort. As
I pursued her, or sometimes
rested in an adjoining tree and watched her, I noticed the change in
her. She was larger, heavier, more grown-up.
Her lines were rounder, her muscles fuller, and there was about her
that indefinite something of maturity that was new to her and that
incited me on. Three years she had been gone--three years at the very
least, and the change in her was
marked. I say three years; it is as near as I can measure the time. A
fourth year may have elapsed, which I have confused with the
happenings of the other

three years. The more I think of it, the
more confident I am that it must

be four years that she was away.
Where she

went, why she went, and what happened to her during that time, I do
not know. There was no way for her to tell me, any more than there
was a way for Lop-Ear and me to tell the Folk what we had seen when
we were away. Like us, the chance is she had gone off on an
and by herself.

On the other hand, it is possible that
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