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Ss of mountain-pigeons in Jamaica; and crows about the bigness of
those in England, and much like them; but the inner part of their
feathers are white, and the outside black; so that they appear all
black, unless you extend the feathers. Here are large sky-coloured
birds, such as we lately killed on New

Guinea; and many other small birds
unknown to us. Here are likewise abundance of bats, as big as young
coneys; their necks, head, ears and noses, like foxes; their hair
rough; that about their necks is of a whitish yellow, that on their
heads and shoulders black; their wings are 4 foot over from tip to
tip: they smell like foxes. The fish are bass, rock-fish, and a sort
of fish like mullet, old-wives, whip-rays, and some other sorts that I
know not, but no great plenty of any; for it is deep water till within
less than a mile of the shore; then there is a bank of coral rocks
within which you have shoal water, white clean sand: so there is no
good fishing with the seine. This island lies in latitude 2 degrees 43
minutes south and meridian distance from Port Babao on the island Tim
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