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Ile, Grande Isle
remains the prettiest island of the Gulf; and its loveliness is
exceptional. For the bleakness of Grand Terre is reiterated by
most of the other islands,--Caillou, Cassetete, Calumet, Wine Island,
twin Timbaliers, Gull Island, and the many islets haunted by the gray
pelican,--all of which are little more than sand-bars covered with
wiry grasses, prairie-cane,
and scrub-timber. Last Island (L'Ile Derniere),--well worthy a long
visit in other years, in spite of its remoteness, is now a ghastly
desolation twenty-five

miles long. Lying nearly forty miles west of Grande Isle, it was
nevertheless far more populated a generation ago: it was not only the
most celebrated island of the group, but also the most fashionable
watering-place of the aristocratic

South;--to-day it is visited by fishermen
only, at long intervals. Its admirable beach in many respects
resembled that of Grande Isle to-day; the accommodations also were
much similar, although finer: a charming village of cottages facing
the Gulf near the western end. The hotel itself was a massive
two-story construction

of timber, containing many apartments, together with a large
dining-room and dancing-hall. In rear of the hotel was a bayou, where

landed--"Village Bayou" it is still called by seamen;--but the deep
channel which now cuts the island in two a little eastwardly did not
exist while the village remained. The sea tore it out in
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