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Hat these trained bands should be made as efficient as possible, In the

Index to the Series of Records known
as the Remembrancia" (printed for the Corporation of the City

of London, 1878) there are several letters from the Lords of the Council
to the Lord Mayor on this subject (pp. 533-9). The Directions sent round
to the Lord Lieutenants (An. 1638) concerning the Trained Bands of the
several counties are given in Rushworth's _Historical
Collections_, Part 2, vol. i. p. 790. [215] An allusion, of course, to
Bardolph's famous definition of "accommodated" (2 _Henry IV_., iii. 2).
[216] _Fox_ was a cant term for a sword of English make. At Hounslow
Heath there was a sword-blade

manufactory:--"Nov 30 (1639). Benjamin Stone, blade maker, Hounslow
Heath, to the Officers of the Ordnance. Will always
be ready to deliver 1,000 swords of all fashions every month throughout
the year, and will put in such security as the office shall desire. Has
now ready at the Tower and in his own house 2,000 swords
to deliver when the officers shall please."--Calendar of State Papers,
Domestic Series, 1639-40, p. 134. [217] _Ticktacks_ was a game somewhat
similar to backgammon. It is described in the _Compleat
Gamester_, 1674. [218] The Pacification of Berwick took

place in June, 1639. [219] Tobacco-pipefuls; but no doubt a pun was
intended. For _Bermudas_ tobacco Nares quotes

from _Clitus's Whimz_., p. 135, "Where being furnished with tinder,
match, and a portion of decayed _Bermoodus_ they smoke it most
terribly." [220] Our forefathers esteemed the March brewing;
we the October. [221] To "build a sconce" means, I suppose, to fix a
candle in a candle-stick. [222] This speech of Sir Richard's is very
much in Shirley's style: cf. _Lady of Pleasure_ (I. 1). [223]
Galley-foist was the name given to long many-oared barges, particularly
the Lord Mayor's barge o
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