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On which proposes to open gratuitous courses of lectures and to place Chinese men of intelligence on common ground with scholars of the West, He now opposes the International
Institute because,
forsooth, it is originated and conducted by Dr. Reid, a large-minded American. "After
this, will you be surprised
to hear that
your own publications, the best text-books for the schools
of the Far East, have been put on the _index expurgatorius?_ A number of such books were lately returned with the excuse that they were forbidden
because they bore the stamp of an American press. [Page
249] "If I should go on to say that government officials, high and low, look with satisfaction on this

assertion of something like national feeling,
you might reply, 'National feeling!
Yes, it is
a duty to cultivate that.'
But do we not know how it has been fostered in China? Has not hatred of the foreigner been mistaken for patriotism,
and been secretly instigated as a safeguard against foreign aggression? In this instance, however, there is no room to suspect such a motive.
The movement is purely a result of provocation on our part; and it is fostered with a view to coercing our government into modifying or
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