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Rigley Soldan transactions at jcb.be
Sun Mar 21 18:32:31 CET 2010

 shed because of their separation from Thee, and the fears of Thy devoted ones

in their remoteness from Thy Holy Court. By Thy power, that swayeth all things, visible and invisible!
It behooveth Thy loved ones to shed tears of blood for that which hath befallen the faithful at the hands of the wicked and the oppressors on the earth. Thou beholdest, O my God, how the ungodly have compassed Thy cities and Thy realms! I ask
Thee by Thy Messengers and Thy chosen ones and by Him whereby the standard of Thy divine unity hath been
implanted amidst Thy servants, to shield them by Thy bounty. Thou art, verily,

the Gracious, the All-Bountiful. And, again, I ask Thee by
the sweet showers of Thy grace
and the billows of the ocean

of Thy favor, to ordain for Thy saints that which shall solace their eyes and comfort their

hearts. Lord! Thou seest him that kneeleth yearning to arise and serve Thee, the dead calling for eternal life

from the ocean of Thy
favor and craving to soar to the heavens of Thy wealth, the stranger

longing for his home of glory 'neath the canopy of Thy grace, the seeker
hastening by Thy mercy

to Thy door of bounty, the sinful t
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