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 In a few border States there was division and doubt on this subject, a
fact which must have helped to hide from each side the true strength of
opinion on the other. But, setting aside these border States, there were
in the North some who doubted whether it was expedient to fight for the
Union, but none of any consequence who doubted that it was
constitutionally correct; and there were in the South men who insisted
that no occasion to secede had arisen, but these very men, when outvoted
in their States, maintained most passionately the absolute right of
secession. The two sides contended for two contrary doctrines of
constitutional law. It is natural when parties are disputing over a
question of political wisdom and of moral right that each should claim
for its contention if possible the sanction of acknowledged legal
principle. So it was with the parties to the English Civil War, and the
tendency to regard matters from a legal point of view is to this day
deeply engrained in the mental habits of America. But North and South
were really divided by something other than legal opinion, a difference
in the objects to which their feelings of loyalty and patriotism were
directed. This difference found apt expression in the Cabinet of
President Buchanan
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