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T leaf by leaf in their faithful endeavor to carry out the direction.
Others, less faithful, finding their method chops some parts fine and
leaves some leaves almost whole, let it go at that, with the reflection
that "that _must_ do, as it would take all day" to get them all one
degree of fineness. So, although it may seem almost too trivial a point
to need mention, we will go into the matter of herb-chopping,
lemon-grating, etc., that the simple operations may be performed easily
and in a very short time. _To Chop Herbs._--Use the leaves only, never
the stems; let them be fresh and crisp, or, if wilted, leave them in
water for a time. Gather the leaves firmly between the thumb and three
fingers of the left hand; shave them through with a sharp knife as you
push them forward under it. (The process resembles chaff-cutting by hand
machine.) Turn them round; gather them up again, and cut across them in
the same way; then finish by chopping quickly, holding the point of the
knife with the left hand and bringing it down on the little heap of
herbs with the right, always gathering them together as fast as the
chopping scatters them. Five minutes will chop a tablespoonful of mint
or parsley almost to pulp. A sharp steel knife and a small board must be
used, not the chopping-bowl. French books often direct so much _fine
herbs_ to be used; English books mean the same thing when they call for
"sweet herbs," and a mixture of one part marjoram, two parts thyme, and
three parts parsley is meant by both. The grating of a lemon is a most
simple operation, and it may seem that every one must know how to do it;
but this is far from being the case. As many dishes of curdled custards
and sauces are caused by this fact, the right way in this case is very
important. The object of using grated rind of lemon is to obtain the
fragrance and flavor, which differ very greatly from any extracts
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