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Rved the guide, again casting an inquiring look upon the form and
features of the guest. "I sit in no man's hall," was the stern reply.
The porter withdrew, and the seaman, folding his arms, paced up and down
the paved vestibule, which showed evident tokens of the confusion that
sickness and death never fail to create. He paused occasionally before
the huge and gaping chimney, and extended his sinewy hands over the
flickering embers of the expiring fire: the lurid glare of the departing
flames only rendered the darkness of the farthermost portion of the hail
more deep and fearful. The clock chimed eleven: it was, as ever, the
voice of Time giving warning of eternity! A light gleamed at the most
distant end of the apartment, and a slight but graceful girl approached
the stranger. She was habited in a close vest of grey cloth: her head
covered with a linen cap, devoid of any ornament;
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