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, and put in some Limon sliced, or juyce of Limon, and some white
Pepper. You put in his proportion of Salt before. TO MAKE MINCED PYES
Take two Neats-tongues, and boil them. Shred them with Beef-suet, and
put in Cloves and Mace, beaten very small, with Raisins, Currants and
Sugar; you must mingle them before you put in your Suet. Fat double
tripes boiled tender, then minced, make very good Pyes. TO MAKE A FRENCH
BARLEY POSSET Take two quarts of Milk to half a pound of French-barley;
boil it, until it is enough; when the Milk is almost boiled away, put to
it three Pintes of good Cream. Let it boil together a quarter of an
hour; then sweeten it; and put in Mace, Cinnamon in the beginning, when
you first put in your Cream. When you have done so, take White-wine a
Pint, or Sack and White-wine together, of each half a Pint; sweeten it,
as you love it, with Sugar; pour in all the Cream, but leave your Barley
behind in the Skillet. This will make an Excellent Posset; nothing else
but a tender Curd to the bottom; let it stand on the Coals half a
quarter of an hour. TO MAKE PUFF-PAST Take a Gill of cold-water; two
whites of Eggs, and one yolk; to a quart of Flower one pound of Butter;
so rowl it up, but keep out of the Flower so much as will rowl it up. TO
MAKE A PUDDING WITH PUFF-PAST Take a new French peny-loaf, and slice it
very thin, and lay it in a dish; and take three pints of Cream, and boil
it with a little Mace and Nutmeg grated; sweeten it with a little Sugar,
and add to it a little Salt. Then let it stand till it be cold. Then
take ten yolks of Eggs; and beat them very well with two or three
spoonfuls of the Cream; then put it into the Cream, and stir them well
together: Take the Marrow of three bones; lay half the Marrow upon the
bread in good b
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