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 ready to cry, the Angel waved her hand obediently, and the prima donna,
nodding and smiling in the unaffected fashion which was half her own
charm, carried the child off the stage amid applause as enthusiastic as
she herself was used to receiving. It had all taken place in a very few
minutes, but as the smiling singer said, handing the Angel over to the
manager, even in those few moments, "She has made the hit of the
season," then, turning, re-entered the stage, her voice, with its clear
bell-like tones, filling the house with the song, "Blondina Awakening
The Fairies." Nor did it end with this, for the Angel was forthwith
engaged, at what seemed to Norma and Mary a fabulous price, to repeat
her solo dance at every Wednesday and Saturday matinee during the
further run of the opera. CHAPTER V. THE ANGEL RESCUES MR. TOMLIN. It
was on the afternoon that Mary carried back her week's completed work
that Norma, receiving an unexpected summons to the Opera House, was
obliged, though with many misgivings, to leave the Angel in the charge
of Joey. "But what else could I do," she reasoned afterward, "with Mrs.
O'Malligan out and Mrs. Tomlin sick, and nobody else willing, it
appeared, to see to her?" True, she had cautioned Joey, over and over
again about keeping the child away from the window, and about staying
right in the room until her return; but, notwithstanding, Norma could
hardly have gotten to the corner before Joey, promptly forgetting his
promise, and finding the room a dull playground, was enticing his charge
into the hall and straightway down the stairs. At the bottom of the
second flight, the two children came upon Mr. Tomlin entertaining two
gentlemen callers. Only the week before, the Tenement had been called
upon to mourn with the Tomlins, whose baby had been carried away in a
little coffin after the fashion of tenement babies when the thermometer
climbs up the scale near to one hundred. And since then, Mrs. Tomlin,
refusing to be comforted, had taken to her bed, thus making it necessary
for her husband to receive his company in the hall. The callers, who,
together with their host, were sitting on the steps, moved aside to
allow the children to pass. The larger of the gentlemen was unpleasantly
dirty, with a ragged beard and a shock of red hair. The o
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