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Nother mystery. CHAPTER XXIV. PEGGY HAS REVENGE. Joe Wegg made a rapid
recovery, his strength returning under the influence of pleasant
surroundings and frequent visits from Ethel and Uncle John's three
nieces. Not a word was hinted to either the invalid or the school
teacher regarding the inquiries Mr. Merrick was making about the deed to
the Bogue timber lands, which, if found, would make the young couple
independent. Joe was planning to exploit a new patent as soon as he
could earn enough to get it introduced, and Ethel exhibited a sublime
confidence in the boy's ability that rendered all question of money
insignificant. Joe's sudden appearance in the land of his birth and his
generally smashed up condition were a nine days' wonder in Millville.
The gossips wanted to know all the whys and wherefores, but the boy kept
his room in the hotel, or only walked out when accompanied by Ethel or
one of the three nieces. Sometimes they took him to ride, as he grew
better, and the fact that Joe "were hand an' glove wi' the nabobs" lent
him a distinction he had never before possessed. McNutt, always busy
over somebody else's affairs, was very curious to know what had caused
the accident Joe had suffered. Notwithstanding the little affair of the
letter, in which he had not appeared with especial credit, Peggy made an
effort to interview the young man that resulted in his complete
discomfiture. But that did not deter him from indulging in various vivid
speculations about Joe Weg
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