[grisbi-bugs] [Grisbi 0001857]: grisbi categories mismatch between two OS (Ubuntu/Windows 10)

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Mer 18 Juil 21:14:47 CEST 2018

A NOTE has been added to this issue.

 (0004580) Autiwa (reporter) - 2018-07-18 21:14
I noticed that categories in my original file didn't seem alphabetically ordered
in the file, while in the current one and all new files I create, category seems
sorted (e.g. "Alimentation" is the first one). 

Everything points toward a reordering of categories without changing my
operations, i.e, my operations kept the same id reference, but this id
referenced to a new category that was completely different. 

During the process, when the new category did not have sub categories, several
"Category: sub category" then pointed to the same new generic "Category2" that
do not have any sub category. Meaning that I can't search/replace categories to
go back to what it previously was, I lost information in the process.

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