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Heads, that men who are both learned and laborious must necessarily be
stupid. It is best to meet the approach of such a prejudice at once, by
saying that the editors of club books are not mere dreary drudges,
seeing the works of others accurately through the press, and attending
only to dates and headings. Around and throughout the large library of
volumes issued by these institutions, there run prolific veins of fresh
literature pregnant with learning and ability. The style of work thus
set agoing has indeed just the other day been incorporated into a sort
of department of state literature since the great collection called The
Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle
Ages, of which the Master of the Rolls accepts the responsibility, is
carried out in the very spirit of the book clubs, in which indeed most
of the editors of the Chronicles have been trained. Without prejudice to
others, let me just name a few of those to whom the world is under
obligation for services in this field of learned labour. For England,
there are James Orchard Halliwell, Sir Frederic Madden, Beriah Botfield,
Sir Henry Ellis, Alexander Dyce, Thomas Stapleton, William J. Thoms,
Crofton Croker, Albert Way, Joseph Hunter, John Bruce, Thomas Wright,
John Gough Nichols, Payne Collier, Joseph Stevenson, and George Watson
Taylor, who edited that curious and melancholy book of poems, composed
by the Duke of Orleans while he was a prisoner in England after the
battle of Agincourt--poems composed, singularly enough, in the English
language, and at a period extremely deficient in native vernacular
literature. In Scotland, it was in the earlier issues of the Bannatyne
that Thomas Thomson, too indolent or fastidious to commit himself to the
writing of a book, left the most accessible vestiges of that power of
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