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>From it. Sue, in spite of brave little Bunny, was beginning to get
frightened now. Tears came into her eyes, though they did not fall.
"I--I'm so tired, Bunny," she said. "I want to go home!" "So do I, Sue.
But we've got to get on the right path, and I can't find it." "Let's try
this one," said the little girl, as they came to a place where there
were two paths through the woods. One went off toward the left side, and
the other to the right. "I'll take one path," said Bunny, "and you can
take the other, Sue." "Oh, no!" "Why not?" "'Cause then we'd both be
lost." "Well, we're both lost now." "Yes," said Sue, "I know. But now
we're both lost together, but if we were lost all alone I'd be scareder
than I am now. Don't go away, Bunny." "I won't. But which path shall we
take?" Sue thought for a minute. Then she tried a little game that the
children sometimes played. Shutting her eyes, Sue pointed her fat little
hand first at one path, and then the other, while she said:
"My-mother-told-me-to-take-this-one!" And she moved her hand back and
forth, pointing first at one path and then at the other. When she said
the last word--"one"--her hand was pointing at the left hand path.
"We'll take this one, Bunny," she said. "All right, Sue. Maybe this one
will take us home." So they walked on and on. But Sue's guess had not
been a very good one, even though she had played her queer little game.
She and Bunny were deeper in the woods than ever. "Oh, dear!" cried the
little girl. "I've just got to sit down, Bunny. My legs is so tired!"
"Mine is too," Bunny said, too weary to speak more properly. "We'll both
rest, Sue, and then we'll holler some more." "And what will we do if
nobody comes to get us?" "We'll go back and take the other path, Sue.
Maybe we came on the wrong one." "Maybe we did." Sue was glad to have
the other path to think about. Perhaps that might be the one that would
lead them home. She and Bunny sat on a log to rest, and then, once more,
Bunny gave a loud shout. "Hello! Hello!
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