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 a ram by which to overthrow him. But instead, Buck's shoulder was
slashed down each time as Spitz leaped lightly away. Spitz was
untouched, while Buck was streaming with blood and panting hard. The
fight was growing desperate. And all the while the silent and wolfish
circle waited to finish off whichever dog went down. As Buck grew
winded, Spitz took to rushing, and he kept him staggering for footing.
Once Buck went over, and the whole circle of sixty dogs started up; but
he recovered himself, almost in mid air, and the circle sank down again
and waited. But Buck possessed a quality that made for
greatness--imagination. He fought by instinct, but he could fight by
head as well. He rushed, as though attempting the old shoulder trick,
but at the last instant swept low to the snow and in. His teeth closed
on Spitz's left fore leg. There was a crunch of breaking bone, and the
white dog faced him on three legs. Thrice he tried to knock him over,
then repeated the trick and broke the right fore leg. Despite the pain
and helplessness, Spitz struggled madly to keep up. He saw the silent
circle, with gleaming eyes, lolling tongues, and silvery breaths
drifting upward, closing in upon him as he had seen similar circles
close in upon beaten antagonists in the past. Only this time he was the
one who was beaten. There was no hope for him. Buck was inexorable.
Mercy was a thing reserved for gentler climes. He manoeuvred for the
final rush. The circle had tightened till he could feel the breaths of
the huskies on his flanks. He could see them, beyond Spitz and to either
side, half crouching for the spring, their eyes fixed upon him. A pause
seemed to fall. Every animal was motionless as though turned to ston
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