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Portance. Therefore, think very carefully." Knoll sat still a few
moments, evidently trying hard to put his hazy recollections into useful
form and shape. But it was also evident that orderly thinking was an
unusual work for him, and he found it almost too difficult. "I guess you
'better ask me questions, maybe that'll go," he said after a pause. Then
Muller began to question. With his usual thoroughness he began at the
very beginning: "When was it that you climbed the fence to get into the
shed?" "It just struck nine o'clock when I put my foot on the lowest
bar." "Are you sure of that?" "Quite sure. I counted every stroke. You
see, I wanted to know how long the night was going to be, seein' I'd
have to sleep in that shed. I was in the garden just exactly an hour.
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