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Boat with a dead man, of the grave Abel had made on Itigailit Island for
his dead companion, and the cairn he himself had built. "We have the
boat yet," said Bobby, "for it was a good boat. Father has always taken
great care of it. He and Mother always say it's the boat God sent me in
out of the mists from the far beyond, where storms are born." "What a
romantic life you've led!" said Edward. "Your very advent upon the Coast
was romantic--and tragic. And the way we found you today is no less so."
"Have you no clue that would help you identify yourself? No clue as to
where you came from? Was there nothing to identify the dead man?" asked
Mr. Winslow. "No," answered Bobby, "and I've never thought about it very
much. Mother has the clothes I wore, wrapped in a bundle and stowed into
a chest. I've often seen the bundle, but I never undid it or meddled
with it for she prizes it so." "It was probably a boat from a whaling or
fishing ship that was wrecked," Mr. Winslow suggested. "Perhaps you were
the captain's son. You should look into the bundle; it may help to
identify you, and you may have relati
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