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&c.; the red has a kind of Burgundy flavour, with a sparkling dash of
champagne, and is nearly as strong as port, without its heating
qualities. For the sake of these agreeable and cheap enjoyments, the
whole of the population of the towns pass a great part of the summer in
the woods, orchards, and gardens in the neighbourhood, where every want
of the table is supplied without the trouble of marketing, cooking, or
firing; and, consequently, in the cool of a summer morning, the
inhabitants of Presburg, for instance, may be seen strolling in
different directions--either ascending the vine-covered hills to the
fresh tops, or wending their way through the deep, shady woods, along
the side of the Danube, to the Harbern or the Alt Muelau. There, after
having sharpened their appetites with this charming walk, they find
themselves seated at a neat little table, beneath the shade of an old
chestnut or elm. The cloth is laid by the vigilant host as soon as the
guest is seated, and often before, as the former knows his hour; for
nothing in machinery can equ
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