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 felt when I first entered a strange school, so let me try to make it
easier for my new girls by introducing some of my old ones; _real_ old,"
she added, laughingly, as she called to two girls who were curled up on
one corner of the big divan at the lower end of the hall. "Come here,
chicks, and let me make you acquainted with Miss Reeve and Miss Powell.
These are Miss Gordon and Miss Osgood, my dears, but as we are all sort
of 'sisters, cousins and aunts' in this big home, I'll just hint right
off that their home names are Ruth and Edith, who will be glad to
welcome my Toinette and Cicely." By this time they had reached the
cheerful dining-room, and with a very significant exchange of glances
Toinette and Cicely took their seats, the latter whispering under cover
of the bustle caused by the entrance of the other pupils: "My goodness,
if Miss Carter had ever spoken like that to us, we should have fallen
flat, shouldn't we
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