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Ed community, and forbearance in killing or scratching or any other
unseemly manner of attacking an enemy was taken as a matter of course.
Nowadays we do not know how often this old desire to kill is repressed,
a brain-impression of hatred thereby intensified, and a nervous
irritation caused which has its effect upon the entire disposition. It
would hardly be feasible to return to the killing to save the irritation
that follows repression; civilization has taken us too far for that. But
civilization does not necessarily mean repression. There are many
refinements of barbarity in our civilization which might be dropped now,
as the coarser expressions of such states were dropped by our ancestors
to enable them to reach the present stage of knives and forks and
napkins. And inasmuch as we are farther on the way towards a true
civilization, our progress should be more rapid than that of our
barbaric grandfathers. An increasingly accelerated progress has proved
possible in scientific research and discovery; why not, then, in our
practical dealings with ourselves and one another? Does it not seem
likely that the various forms of nervous irritation, excitement, or
disease may result as much from the repressed savage within us as from
the complexity of civilization? The remedy is, not to let the savage
have his own way; with many of us, indeed, this would be difficult,
because of the generations of repression behind us. It is to cast his
skin, so to speak, and rise to another order of living. Certainly
repression is only apparent progress. No good physician would allow it
in bodily disease, and, on careful observation, the law seems to hold
good in other phases of life. There must be a practical way by which
these stones, these survivals of barbaric times, may be step
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