[grisbi-user] Automatically load last file on startup

Pierre pierre at pierre.biava.name
Mon May 17 16:48:20 CEST 2021

Le 17/05/2021 à 16:05, Leslie Katz a écrit :
hi Leslie,

With version 2.0.x, we changed the way preferences work. We must 
therefore review all the options that are in blue.
That explains your problem.

You must check the option "Automaticaly load last file on startup" and 
check that the option "Memorize last opened files" is not at 0

Best regards

> Dear list,
> I'm using Ubuntu 20.04. I just upgraded Grisbi to 2.0.3. In Preferences, 
> I ticked the above. However, ticking that didn't have the desired 
> effect. When I open Grisbi, instead I'm asked to choose between New, 
> Open and Import.
> Is there something else I should be ticking as well in order to get my 
> only Grisbi file to open?
> Thank you,
> Leslie



Pierre Biava

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