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> Hie
> Can any help me with the reconciliation? How it's work? Which number
> should I put in the blank box? (i try to put mi actual balance but the Ok
> button is gray). where can I find any documentacion?

Your bank statement will normally have some sort of unique identifier, I
put that in the "reconciliation reference".
I change the end date to match the bank statement, unfortunately Grisbi
needs some enhancements as it should be selecting the last day of the month
when it actually selects +1 month.
You will notice this when the previous month ended in 30, and the current
month has 31 days you will see the end date set to 30 for you.
Its just a pain to manually adjust.

In the End Balance I put the value from the bank statement on the last day.

What you need to do now is go over to the transaction tab and select the
first transaction.
Then hold down the space bar.
This will a check in the transaction and move to the next one.
Select each transaction that should be in the desired reconciliation period.
Ideally Grisbi would automatically select all transactions in the specified
reconciliation period.

Now the Checking field should be 0 and the Ok button enabled.

After you have reconciled transactions they will normally disappear from
view from your accounts.
If you want to see them again you need to toggle  "View > Show reconciled

Let me know if you need more details.
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