[grisbi-user] Mac OS X 10.6 and Grisbi 0.5.9

Barrie Treloar baerrach at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 00:32:57 CET 2012

I know it may not be the latest version but its at least the same as
the one running on my PC so I had hoped not to run into other
compatibility issues.

However the Mac version has lots of issues:
* screen redrawing/repainting badly.
* arrow keys not working properly to scroll through lists
* drop down selection picking categories that don't exist
* shortcuts not working

Should I even expect this to work?
Or should I just try Grisbi-Aqua-0.8.8-10.5-i386.dmg?

Will I have save file issues between the two versions?
(I'll soon be trying it out to see)

Advice appreciated.

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