[grisbi-user] transfer between accounts doesn't work

Stéphane Glondu steph at glondu.net
Sat Feb 19 07:19:23 CET 2011

Le 09/02/2011 00:08, Marco a écrit :
> If i have two accounts (account1 and account2),
> when I make a new transaction in account1 for -100.00€ and, in 
> category:subcategory use Transfer: account2. 
> In grisbi 0.5.9 i can find in account2 +100.00€.
> In grisbi 0.6.0 doesn't create the transaction in account2
> in account2 nothing.
> Is this a bug or i've missed some configuration?

This has always worked for me, and I use intensively this feature, so I
guess I would have noticed it. Could you give a step-by-step recipe to
reproduce this bug from a fresh install of grisbi? Starting by "create
an account", etc.



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