[grisbi-user] How did Grisbi start?

William OLLIVIER, dev. Windows (IRC: gunee) guneeyoufix at gmail.com
Thu May 27 16:36:06 CEST 2010

Hi Barlos,

I'm not sure what you need when you write "How does Grisbi start...".
I doubt that you want to know how to actually execute the program (can
be achieved via the Start menu on Windows, or the Software menu on your
favourite operating system).

I guess what you are looking for is a guide on how to start using
Grisbi. Unfortunately, we currently don't have an english version of it
(grisbi developers are french).

If you can read french, the latest (and not quite up to date)
documentation can be found here: http://grisbi.org/manuel.fr.html

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful


Le 27/05/2010 11:18, Barlos a écrit :
> Dear All,
> How does Grisbi start in the first place? Is there any document url that I 
> can read? I would like to know ^_^
> Cheers~~~
> Best Regards
> Barlos

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