[grisbi-user] Creating budgets from previous years transactions?

Martin Stromberger fabiolla at gmx.at
Fri Sep 18 21:51:33 CEST 2009

Grisbi has no budgetary functionallity. Budgetary-lines are a nothing more 
than a 'second kind of categories' for grouping different categories.
I' had the same requirement = budget and compare with 'real data'. Because 
Grisbi has no budgetary functionallyit I've solved it for my needs with an 
OpenOffice Spread-Sheet.
The solution in detail is an export from Grisbi with a report and an 
import to OpenOffice with a macro. In OpenOffice I've three sections

Section 1: The imported data from grisbi
Section 2: The buget self (based in historical data from grisbi)
Section 3: A compare from imported data with budget

I'm working with a cvs-snapshot (0.6 beta) and this version has also no 
budgetary functionallity but since version 0.6 it is possible to extend 
grisbi with plugins - maybe some will write a budgetary plugin....


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