[grisbi-user] Importing QIF files and linking to accounts

Barrie Treloar baerrach at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 21:36:41 CET 2009

>>>> I have also tried:
>>>> L[Cash]
>>>> Neither of these work.
>>> Grisbi expects the format L[name of source account], e.g. L[Cash] when
>>> Cash is your source account. I've tested it with an export/import in
>>> version 0.5.9 - should work this way. Definition of source account with
>>> an
>>> example: transfer fom account A to account B.
>>> Account A is the source and Account B the target.
>> As you can see I have also tried L[Cash] and it doesn't work for me.
>> Are you able to attach an example grisbi database and the qif file that
>> works?
>> I can investigate the differences then.
>> Thanks
> Hi,
> I've made in import with your files from the bug-report. The only thing I've
> changed in the *qif is files
> was to add the line with L[name of account]
> I've added an attachment (check_transfer.zip) in this attachment find you
> your orginal-files from the report,
> the modified *qif files (mod_*), bug.gsb after import and a *pdf how I made
> the import.

Thanks for this!

I didn't realize I needed to have L[Account1] AND L[Account2] so they
could be linked properly as per your attached examples.

This makes my life a lot easier.

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