[grisbi-user] New Feature: Chart View

William OLLIVIER (IRC: gunee) (dev. Windows) guneemwelloeux at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Dec 4 12:45:58 CET 2009

Le 03/12/2009 23:37, Barrie Treloar a écrit :

> I'm experimenting with translating the Grisbi file into English (I
> dont speak french) and then using Birt
> (http://eclipse.org/birt/phoenix/) to generate reports.

Didn't know that tool, it seems quite convenient to use...

> If anyone happens to have already translated the xml tags into
> English, I would love to have your translations.
> Some of the terms are abbreviations or slang and the web translators
> have some trouble.
> I'm 80%+ there.

If you are using 0.6.0 version files, which I doubt, otherwise you
wouldn't have problems, the contents of the file whould be

If you're using 0.5.9 version files, I don't think anyone translated the
tags to another language.

If you send me an original file, and you current translation, I might be
able to help you.


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