[grisbi-devel] [SPAM] This Stock is on Fire Today More Gains on the Way

regger at gol.ge regger at gol.ge
Wed May 15 01:32:42 CEST 2013

Buyover contract for $1.40 per stock on GT RL is secured. A deal 
that is valuated current lows has gotten what appears to be many 
purchaseover contracts... And no I'm not guessing this up... the 
buyover contract is secured. The contract could happen in July 
driving the share value to over $1.40. The major cinematic studio 
is going with GT RL's financial plan that's why they are commited to 
buy $1.40 per unit. Until this is uknown, you would get $11'000 now 
and cashin $1'400'000 in July when the big film production would 
grab at $1.40 from you. Trade $11'000 worth of GT RL on Wed May 15!

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