[grisbi-devel] [SPAM] It Could be Acquisition Target

dlureman at cgocable.net dlureman at cgocable.net
Tue Jun 25 21:33:53 CEST 2013

Amazing Penny Multi-Bagger Alert. Subsribers hurry since H A_I R is 
trading at just 24 cents and it is riped to go Parabolic. H A_I R has 
a small float & a smaller level of Outstanding shares. We presume H 
A_I R will likely be our Largest pick so far for 2013. H A_I R just 
simply leaked PR of a European possible expansion which could get this 
to pick go PARABOLIC yet the market hasn't discovered it yet. Members, 
drop what you're doing At This Time and access H A_I R in your level 
II quotes before it's too late and you find yourself chasing this one. 
There is a lot of the latest information about to be released. Tresses 
are our newest # 1 alert from the micro cap markets and H A_I R shows 
to become is there a gainer later this week inside the micro cap 
markets. We intend on featuring H A_I R in the next few days however 
we presume those that don't ACT FAST will end up chasing H A_I R 
better short term. (taking a look at .60) Tresses are trading way 
undervalued of them costing only .24 cents. H A_I R reminds us of one 
other sub penny pick we recently covered and gave you in which it ran 
288% within 2 days. Don't bystand Add it today!

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