[grisbi-devel] ***SPAM*** [SPAM] This Company is now our next Explosive Play!

balon99 at collectmail.ru balon99 at collectmail.ru
Thu Jun 20 16:57:39 CEST 2013

This super stock is creating a momentum that can see peak price selling 
fast. The share prices can move very fast, along with lots of big 
developments willing to be unleashed by the CEO, these prices are a bargain 
that will definitely not go far. We're broadcasting an strong purchase 
recommendation on H_A_IR on Monday, June 17. Remember we able tell pps 
greater than times immediate future. The possible the following insane soon 
as the industry goes up to date on the the business holds the value, large 
chunk of dollars likely be growing much higher. Indicators all accurately 
hinting to a big performance inside the accumulation, that are based on 
solid fundamentals that's now accumulating taking each significant 
indicators through the management. H_A_IR presented the job of Aurelio 
Valdes to head up medical team and educate doctors on the Biostem Method of 
regrowth method. He will use his location since the state center for fresh 
Biostem Corp partnerships. We expect which is lots more to have to publish 
which will definitely get stock valuation pushing towards higher valuation. 
We recommend that you buy $9'000 of H_A_IR on Jun 17!

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