[grisbi-devel] Stable Release?

Rémi Cardona remi at gentoo.org
Thu Sep 22 23:40:41 CEST 2011

Le 21/09/2011 20:18, Cory a écrit :
> Hello,


> I'm just wondering when the next stable release will be?  I'm using
> version 6 because 8.7 won't allow for importing ODX files.

I've only been recently (about a year or so) involved in Grisbi's 
development but I don't recall any such support being removed from the 
code base.

Is there an error message of some sort that tells you that ODX files are 
not supported? Who generates those ODX files?

Maybe we introduced a bug wrt those files, but it's hard to say without 
more info.

Please help us help you :)

> Could you add maybe a time-line and goals to achieve section to your web
> site please?  I like following development of my favourite software, but
> this hasn't none.

As far as the web site is concerned, we're a little overwhelmed and 
those who do take care of it are even busier than those of us who 
actually write code.

We do have a "major changes" file available so that should tell you more 
about what has been done in the past couple of weeks or months. As for 
any long term goals, they're 100% dependent on the amount of time any 
one of us will be able to spend on Grisbi.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm focusing on making the core of Grisbi much 
more manageable (ie, using the MVC pattern wherever it should be used), 
migrating pieces to GObject, with a long term objective of migrating to 
Gtk+ 3.

Others surely have other goals but I'll let them speak their minds.



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