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Teen years ago. Of course, those men don't parade their mistresses
openly like they did thirty years ago--I mean men with any social
position to keep up. But now and again the wife finds a note, or
receives an anonymous letter, and gets busy. Then it's the divorce
court, unless he can smooth her down, and promises reform. Cobham seems
to me the likeliest man, and I'm going to start a thorough investigation
to-morrow. These other Jameses don't hold out any promise at
all--grocers, clerks, butchers. It's the list in hand I'll go by, and if
nothing pans out--well, we'll have to take the other cue she threw out
and try Los Angeles." "Do you know anything about a man named Nicolas
Doremus?" asked Ruyler abruptly. "The society chap? Nothing much except
that he don't do much business on the street but is supposed to be
pretty lucky at poker and bridge. But he runs with the crowd the police
can't or don't raid. I've never seen or heard of him anywhere he
shouldn't be except with swell slummin
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