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 let us imitate the practices of the fathers. Live while you live, and
begrudge nothing to the dear soul which Heaven has given you." This
philosophy of life is expressed very succinctly in: "What I have eaten
and drunk I have with me; what I have foregone I have lost,"[49] and
still more concretely in: "Wine and amours and baths weaken our bodily
health, Yet life is made up of wine and amours and baths."[50] Under the
statue of a man reclining and holding a cup in his hand, Flavius
Agricola writes:[51] "Tibur was my native place; I was called Agricola,
Flavius too.... I who lie here as you see me. And in the world above in
the years which the fates granted, I cherished my dear soul, nor did the
god of wine e'er fail me.... Ye friends who read this, I bid you mix
your wine, and before death comes, crown your temples with flowers, and
drink.... All the rest the earth and fire consume after death." Probably
we should be wrong in tracing to the teachings of Epicurus, even in
their vulgarized popular form, the theory that the value of life is to
be estimated by the material pleasure it has to offer. A man's theory of
life is largely a matter of temperament or constitution. He may find
support for it in the teachings of philosophy, but he is apt to choose a
philosophy which suits his way of thinking rather than to let his views
of life be determined by abstract philosophic teachings. The men whose
epitaphs we have just read would probably have been hedonists if
Epicurus had never lived. It is interesting to note in passing that
holding this conception of life naturally presupposes the acceptance of
one of th
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