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Und him than the rum-humdrum as of a train in a tunnel, pierced
sometimes by the shrill scream as of an occasional whistle. Presently he
rolled up again, and went out once more to Lovibond. The thought that
had seized him was agony, and he could not broach it at once. So he beat
about it for a moment, and then came down on it with a crash. "Sitting
alone, is she, poor thing?" he said. "Alone," said Lovibond. "I know, I
know," said Davy. "Like a bird on a bough calling mournful for her mate;
but he's gone, he's down, maybe worse, but lost anyway. Yet if he should
ever come back now--eh?" "He'll have to be quick then," said Lovibond;
"for she intends to go home to her people soon." "Did you say she was
for going home?" said Davy, eagerly. "Home where--where to--to England?"
"No," said Lovibond. "Havn't I told you she's a Manx woman?" "A Manx
woman, is she?" said Davy. "What's her name?" "I didn't ask her that,"
said Lovibond. "Then where's her home?" said Davy. "I forget the name of
the place," said Lovibond. "Balla--something." "Is it---- is it----"
Davy was speaking very quickly--"is it Ballaugh, sir?" "That's it," and
Lovibond. "And her father's farm--I heard the name of the farm as
well--Balla--balla--something else--oh, Ballavalley." "Ballavolly?" said
Davy. "Exactly," said Lovibond
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