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The incense smoke and the perfume of flowers within. Many prayers were
said that night for the soul of the dead girl, and I think many
afterwards; for after the benediction I remained for a little time in my
place, and when I rose from my knees and went towards the chapel door, I
saw a figure kneeling still, and, with a start, recognized the form of
the Cavaliere. I smiled with quiet satisfaction and gratitude, and went
away softly, content with the chain of events that now seemed finished.
The next day the alcove was again walled up, for the precious dust could
not be gathered together for transportation to consecrated ground; so I
went down to the little cemetery at Parco for a basket of earth, which
we cast in over the ashes of Sister Maddelena. By and by, when Rendel
and I went away, with great regret, Valguanera came down to Palermo with
us; and the last act that we performed in Sicily was assisting him to
order a tablet of marble, whereon was carved this simple inscription:--
HER SOUL IS WITH HIM WHO GAVE IT. To this I added in thought:-- "Let him
that is without sin among you cast the first stone." NOTRE DAME DES
EAUX. Notre Dame des Eaux. West of St. Pol de Leon, on the sea-cliffs of
Finisterre, stands the ancient church of Notre Dame des Eaux. Five
centuries of beating winds and sweeping rains have moulded its angles,
and worn its carvings and sculpture down to the very semblance of the
ragged cliffs themselves, until even the Breton fisherman, looking
lovingly from his boat as he makes for the harbor of Morlaix, hardly can
say where the crags end, and where the church begins. The teeth of the
winds of the sea have devoured, bit by bit, the fine sculpture of the
doorway and the thin cusps of the window tracery; gray moss creeps
caressingly over the worn walls in ineffectual protection; gentle vines,
turned crabbed by the harsh beating of the fierce winds, clutch the
crumbling buttresses, climb up over the sinking roof, reach in even at
the louvres of the
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