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He little bow-windowed house and lived with my father. I was quite alone
in the world." In spite of myself I had a little movement of impatience.
"How self-centred the man is! As though his case were at all peculiar!
Wants shaking up and knocking about." He seemed to know my thought. "You
must think me self-centred! I was. For thirteen whole years I thought of
nothing but myself, my miserable self, all shut up in that little town.
I talked to no one. I did not even read--I used to sit in the dark of
the cathedral nave and listen to the organ. I'd walk in the orchards and
the woods. I would wonder, wonder, wonder about people and I grew more
and more frightened of talking, of meeting people, of little local
dinner-parties. It was as though I were on one side of the river and
they were all on the other. I would think sometimes how splendid it
would be if I could cross--but I couldn't cross. Every year it became
more impossible!" "You wanted some one to take you out of yourself," I
said, and then shuddered at my own banality. But he took me very
seriously. "I did. Of course," he answered. "But who would bother? They
all thought me impossible. The girls all laughed at me--my own cousins.
Sometimes people tried to help me. They never went far enough. They gave
me up too soon." "He evidently thinks he was worth a lot of trouble," I
thought irritably. But suddenly he laughed. "That same doctor one day
spoke of me, not knowing that I was near 
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