[grisbi-bugs] [Grisbi-0.6.0 0001215]: Planned income will result in an err-funny saldo

Pierre Biava pierre.biava at nerim.net
Fri Dec 10 22:16:20 CET 2010

Gérald Niel écrivait le 08/12/2010 08:08 :
> I have a error in Mantis, i can't post a new note... I don't no why
> and i have no time to see that.
> I have always the bug that i describe. With a french locale, in the
> Grisbi's preferences i can't configure the dot as thousand delimiter.
> Only comma, space or nothing. The dot is always used as a decimal
> delimiter even the coma is configured. Then when you enter 1.000,00
> you will have 1,00 everywhere (in credit simulator, scheduler or
> operatiions).
> The bug described for the credit calculator is not in the latest
> 0.7.93 for Mac OS X. But therer is the bug with the dot that can't be
> used as thousand separator.
I added the point as thousands separator on git. You can test by 
downloading the version 0.7.94:

The problem is it fixed?



Pierre Biava

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