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Lism, and the crass superstition of the Roman Church, one turns with
relief of heart
and eyes to the poverty and bareness of the dark and narrow catacombs,
and to the simple piety of the words found upon their graves. In them
is at once the exhibition and the promise of a purer Christianity. In
them, indeed, one may see only
too plainly the evidences of ignorance, the beginnings of
superstitions, the first, traces of the corruption of the truth, the
proofs of false zeal and of foolish martyrdoms,--but with these are
also to be plainly seen the purity and the spirituality of elevated
Christian faith. In the service of the Roman Church used
at the removal of the bodies of the holy martyrs from their graves in
the catacombs is a prayer
in which are the words,--"Thou hast set the bodies of thy soldiers
as guards around the walls of this thy beloved Jerusalem";--and as
one passes from catacomb to catacomb, it is, indeed, as if he passed
from station to station of the encircling camp of the great army of
the martyrs. Leaving the burial-place of St. Agnes, we continue along
the Nomentan Way to the seventh milestone from Rome. Here the Campagna
on either side in broad, unsheltered sweeps. Now and then a rough wall
crosses the fields, marking the boundaries of one of the great farms
into which the land is divided. On the left stands
a low
farm-house, with its outlying buildings, and at a distance on each
the eye falls on low square brick towers of the Middle Ages, and on
the ruinous heaps of more
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